Founder’s Vision

To make everyone on earth happy through the true knowledge of yoga

Founder’s Mission

Spreading the ancient knowledge of Patanjali Yoga Sutras through online live interactive courses and meditation sessions, Videos, Podcasts, Digital Products, Social Media interactions and collaborations with Government, Corporate and other entities across the globe so as to reach out to all countries of the world.

About the Founders

My Journey

Life has been nothing short of a rollercoaster for me. I am a well-settled and happily married man with two happy kids. To you, I may come across as someone who has led the most perfect life. Believe me, things weren’t the same few years ago.

Life was hell. Everything which could go wrong had gone wrong. In that hell hole I chanced upon Yoga practice about 17 years ago. It has given me balance, peace, prosperity, social status, good health and loving relationships. I lead a happy life now full of wisdom.

– Sanjay Mansukhani

From the Founder’s Mind

Over the past many years. I developed a conviction that Yoga can give happiness to each and every human being on this planet. It can give much more. It is a time tested knowledge which is many thousand years old from the land of spirituality, i.e. from India. In today’s time of stress and rapid changing world it can give us joy and solace. Each human being on our planet must be made aware of this peace and happiness giving knowledge so that we can create a joyful world for ourselves.

About the Base of the Courses

Patanjali Yoga Sutras:

It is considered to be the Bible of yoga. It is estimated to have been written about 2400 years by Sage Patanjali. He collected all ancient yogic wisdom available from the time of Rigveda to all the Vedas, Upanishads, Mahabharata, Samkhya texts and others.

He compiled it into 196 sutras. A sutra means a concise statement of immense wisdom. He divided them into 4 sections. The first was Samadhi Pada which is on meditative absorption. The second was Sadhana Pada which is on the yogic practices to be followed. The third one is Vibhuti Pada which is on the Mystic powers which a yogi acquires because of his practice. The last is Kaivalya Pada which explains how to achieve absolute independence and freedom in life

Why a course inspired by Patanjali Yoga Sutras ?

Patanjali yoga sutras is the most authentic and comprehensive knowledge on yoga which has come down the ages in its original form without any corruption or distortion.


It is very powerful knowledge which can bring complete transformation in man. Its prime purpose is to remove sorrow from human mind and give him peace and happiness. The system is very rational, the knowledge is very structured and the results are very powerful. If properly understood in an insightful way, it can give marvellous results. At a higher level it connects one to the cosmic consciousness and raises the physical, mental and spiritual dimensions of the practitioner

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