Samadhi is yoga. Starting from vrittis, their removal, various stages of Samadhi till the mind disappears will be studied.

This course includes
1. Introduction to yoga
2. Definition of yoga
3. Two states of awareness
4. Five types of vrittis
5. Control of vrittis
6. Samprajnata samadhi
7. Asamprajnata samadhi
8. Isvara
9. Aum
10. Distractions of the mind
11. Methods to remove these distractions
12. Samapatti and its varieties
13. Various stages of samprajnata samadhi
14. Final stage of Asamprajnata samadhi. This is also called nirbijsamadhi or nivikalpsamadhi
This course includes
What you’ll learn
1. Patanjali Yoga Sutras - The Bible of Yoga Wisdom and knowledge
2. How to bring complete Transformation in you!
3. How to remove Sorrow from Life and achieve Peace and Happiness
4. How to become Supernatural in Mind and Performance
5. How to experience Absolute Freedom, Independence and Liberation
6. How to put yourself in the Driver's seat in your Cosmos
What you’ll learn