Samkhya Yoga : Theory of creation

A Theory of Creation recognized by Yoga. The purpose of Samkhya Yoga is to Remove Sorrow through Human Knowledge and Reasoning.

This course includes
Deliverables of Samkhya yoga 1. Three kinds of pain
2. Best way to remove pain
4. Right knowledge
5. Satkarya
6. The Manifested
7. The Unmanifested
8. The spirit
9. Rajas, Sattva and Tamas
10. The model of creation
11. The 25 Tattvas of creation
12. Transmigration
13 Relation between Prakriti and Spirit
14. Complete removal of sorrow
This course includes
What you’ll learn
1. Patanjali Yoga Sutras - The Bible of Yoga Wisdom and knowledge
2. How to bring complete Transformation in you!
3. How to remove Sorrow from Life and achieve Peace and Happiness
4. How to become Supernatural in Mind and Performance
5. How to experience Absolute Freedom, Independence and Liberation
6. How to put yourself in the Driver's seat in your Cosmos
What you’ll learn