It means Negating and Transcending Earth based Consciousness. It explores High Spirituality and Divine effects that Yoga can give a Sadhak.

This course includes
1. Dharana
2. Dhyana
3. Samadhi
4. Samayama
6. Metaphysics of substratum
7. Various Mystic Powers
8. Achieving Omniscience
9. Ultimate Kaivalya Liberation
This course includes
What you’ll learn
1. Patanjali Yoga Sutras - The Bible of Yoga Wisdom and knowledge
2. How to bring complete Transformation in you
3. How to remove Sorrow from Life and achieve Peace and Happiness
4. How to become Supernatural in Mind and Performance
5. How to experience Absolute Freedom, Independence and Liberation
6. How to put yourself in the Driver's seat in your Cosmos
What you’ll learn