What is Aum?
Aum is a mystic syllable that represents Ishvara. By its repetition and contemplation of
its meaning one comes close to Ishvara. It gives the power of one-pointedness to the yogi.
It raises his consciousness to higher levels. It also allows him to achieve peace and
balance. It puts the thoughts inside him to rest thus achieving freedom from various mental
disturbances and distractions. It is one of the easiest ways to achieve a high degree of
mental health. If one is able to chant it, it’s good. Otherwise one can even listen to Aum
chanting. Many YouTube videos are available with Aum chanting.
13 Mental Health Benefits of Aum chanting
Patanjali yoga sutras lists out 13 Mental Health Benefits of Aum chanting
1. Disease: Mostly diseases are psychosomatic. There is a strong body-mind
connection. Therefore, Aum chanting balances out the various body forces and puts
it at ease. Ease in the mind leads to disease-free body
2. Idleness: It has been defined as disinclination of the mind towards work.
Shankaracharya calls it a type of mental paralysis. This gets reduced with the
balancing of the mind. When we bring our mind to one place by chanting Aum all the
qualities of the mind pulling in different directions balance out. Idleness slowly goes
3. Doubt: When the mind moves in two directions, it is in dilemma. It thinks should I
move this way or should I move that way. Is it doable or is not doable, then we have
doubt in us? It too can be removed with Aum chanting. The mind becomes one
pointed. The nature of having doubts starts reducing.
4. Carelessness: Negligence or inattentiveness of the mind is called carelessness.
Chanting Aum is all about bringing the mind to one place. Regular chanting makes
the mind attentive. Carelessness now is replaced by attention and care.
5. Over attachment: Not being moderate inhabits and not having the ability to detach
when needed is over-attachment. The mind needs to be put through discipline. This
allows the mind to have moderate habits. It removes the clinging to certain things in
life. Aum chanting is a way to discipline the mind and its habits
6. Confusion: This is misconception about certain things. It is also mistaken
knowledge. Aum chanting gives insights and access to higher knowledge. It removes
all confusion I may have.
7. Inability to hold on to an idea or object of desire: The mind here lacks the ability
to concentrate. In fact it has no base established for concentration. Aum chanting
provides that base. The mind now builds up on this base and has higher will power
8. Laziness: The mind can lose its tendency to be lazy. It can become active and alert.
All is needed to bring the mind to attention at one place. Aum chanting does that.
The mind starts focusing on the higher. Laziness slowly with time disappears.
9. Instability: The mind by nature is not steady. So there is a possibility that even a
stable mind sometimes might lose its stability. Aum chanting helps in regaining that
stability. It helps in maintaining that stability. A stable mind is a powerful mind.

10. Sorrow: This is an integral part of most human lives. Aum chanting can pick the
mind out of the sorrowful state and make it a happy mind
11. Depression: Today depression is pretty prevalent in society. Simple practice of Aum
chanting can help in removing depression from a mind
12. Unsteadiness of the body: As we know body and mind are deeply connected.
Some people who experience trembling can be benefitted by Aum chanting. The
mind balance once restored leads to physical balance
13. Irregular breathing: Our breath also is connected to the mind. If the mind becomes
unsteady the breathing becomes unsteady. Aum chanting gives peace and
steadiness to the mind. The rightly balance mind now has regularity in breathing
better than before

Reference of Patanjali Sutras
The subject matter which we have discussed about 13 Mental Health benefits of Aum
chanting is taken from Patanjali Yoga Sutras. Patanjali an Indian sage wrote about the deep
science of psychology as known to ancient Indians from 5000 B.C. or so. Today science is
proving the Yogis right. They got all this knowledge out of yogic practice and intuitive
The science behind it
When Aum chanting is done, the way it is chanted generates frequencies across the whole
range of audible range of sound for humans. These sounds regularly heard clean the earlier
psychic impressions on the mind. Now a new one is implanted which is so created that it
generates peace, calmness and balance in the mind.
Secondly Aum chants activate the Pineal gland inside our brain. Here magic happens as
the activation of the pineal gland keeps on happening inside us. It starts a transmitter and
receiver inside our brain like an antenna connected to it. It receives signals from beyond the
space time domain and also beyond all known frequencies of light. It connects us to higher
and higher consciousness. Similarly it also starts transmitting outside us via the brain to
domains beyond space time and all known frequencies of light.
The MAGIC of Melatonin
This is a magic chemical inside our brain which the Pineal gland creates. This Melatonin not
only starts connecting us through the brain transmitter and receiver beyond our normal
human dimensions but it also does lot of magic in the body and brain.
Generation of Melatonin is primarily the reason of the above 13 Mental Health
benefits we get out of Aum chanting.
Our Yogis knew this more than 5000 years back
So we see what modern science is able to find out today through scientific testing
equipment of the highest precision, our Yogis knew it 5000 years back. All through intuitive
knowledge. Aum chanting played an important role. We can begin with Aum chanting to
experience the magic in our lives at many levels.

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