A new way of thinking

All our lives we have believed that we are physical bodies with a soul within. Along with this strong belief, comes another one automatically that we are finite beings, our capacities and capabilities are also in a limited way. This has been instilled in us since time immemorial, right from infancy.

We have all heard statements like –

You will fall and get hurt,

You can’t do this,

You’ll never be able to do anything in life,

Money doesn’t grow on trees,

Stay within your limits.

Thus, we grew up in a limited mindset with people whose thinking patterns were similar. In school and college too, we were not taught to think out of the box. So we lived ordinary lives with ordinary mindsets trudging along life’s journey.

Suddenly one-day new learning miraculously came our way, we were taught how to think. As we began to think powerfully and constructively, our world began to change. The alteration first happens within ourselves, our mental environment gets cleaned and tidy. With this we experience massive shifts within our own selves, our constructiveness and restrictiveness dissipate. Our minds start expanding, deservability increases to a considerable level.

As this happens, visible changes start occurring outside of ourselves easily and effortlessly. Our lives start changing, we achieve all the things which we had never ever thought of in our wildest dreams.

We are fully able to use our potential for our own welfare, health, happiness, and also for the family members around us. This extends to our friends, relatives, neighbors, and goes outward to many more people. Such a scenario fills our lives with happiness, abundance, and all good things with complete ease.

The resistance of any kind leaves us and we realize the magnanimity of who we truly are. Our connection with the supreme being is heightened and we are enveloped in unalloyed peace and bliss.

It is then that we realize our true life purpose, why we are here on earth at this time.

Circumstances begin to unfold magically and everything starts to become crystal clear. We get attuned to the loving Creator who is omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent. As a result,  profound truths are revealed to us in the most secretly unimaginable ways.

People who are no longer a part of our growth, disappear from our lives whereas high energy and contributive people miraculously sail into ours making it more meaningful.

Thus, we begin to realize that we are in reality spiritual beings full of light, wrapped in human bodies!

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