Law of attraction is a Universal Law which states that thoughts which you are continuously thinking in your mind turn into reality with time. This law is used to manifest things we desire in our life. It was made popular by the book and movie titled THE SECRET by Rhonda Brynes. Millions of people the world over read the book and saw the movie. It inspired them to create their dreams into reality. THE SECRET by itself was inspired by Master Key System a classic book written by Multi-Millionaire Charles F Haanel in 1912 and it has created many millionaires and billionaires in America over the years.


Both of them essentially suggested two main techniques which are given below:

  1. Visualisation

Here the object of desire or the goal is visualised in the form of an image or movie. This process is repeated many times regularly over a long period of time consciously. By this process the imagery gets recorded in the human brain in the form of neuron networks with huge number of neurons. These recordings become sort of permanent in the brain as they are pretty deep

  1. Repetition

Here the object or goal desired is put in the form of an affirmation. For e.g. I have a beautiful 4 bedroom  house.  Then it is repeated multiple times over a long period of time then too the object or goal desired gets recorded in the brain in the form of neuron networks. Here again there are many neurons connected to this network.

The biggest secret here is whatever is stored in the brain actually turns into reality in the physical world outside. We have often heard that the Outer world is a Reflection of the Inner world. This is very much true. What begins as a thought in the mind becomes a part of the  body and then translates to physical reality in the world outside. What I have just told you if you remember and put to use you can create any sort of magic in your life. This is the most powerful secret of this creation. The Mental world translates into the biological world and then translates into the physical world.

Our Ancient Yogis

Our Ancient Yogis knew all this and much beyond. Hindu civilization is claimed by some to be about 12000 years old. Research is on to verify this. But we know Yoga and Yogis have been around for more than 5000 years. Patanjali wrote his yoga sutras about 2400 years back. He collected   Yoga knowledge from all the Vedas, Upanishads, Mahabharata and Sankhya which all preceded him by thousands of years. He presented that knowledge in the form of 196 yoga sutras

Yoga talks of Sanskara Chakram

Sanskara chakram is a cycle explaining the various stages of manifestation starting from a thought or just the beginning of the desire till the final completion of it. It talks of starting from the seed of desire till the actual fruits of desire are delivered. The various stages are:

  1. Vritti or Thought

This is the first fluctuation in the mind which is caused by the desire. It can come from within a person based on his memories from past knowledge which can be right or wrong. It can come from other memories stored in his brain. His imagination can also create a desire. Surprisingly a desire can come in a dream too. The world outside with its multi coloured objects can also spring up desires. These are triggered by what the eyes see, ears hear, Tongue tastes, nose smells and the skin feels

  1. Sanskaras or Memories

Now when these vrittis and thoughts continue long then they form deep impressions in the mind. These deep impressions are called Sanskaras

  1. Vasanas or Reinforced Memories

Sanskaras also can become deep if impressions are continued further. The memories get reinforced. Now habitual patterns begin to get formed. The thinking patterns itself change.

  1. Karma or Action

Vasanas now have such  strong tendency that they start acting on the human mind deeply. It now pushes the body do Karma or Act. This Karma or Act can be in the form of thought, word or deed. But the process has now begun for the mental state to change into physical state.

  1. Manifestation

The Manifestation process which began will now slowly steadily will flow to take more and more concrete shape. Materialisation will start happening with speed. What was in the mind now is actually getting delivered in the world outside like a baby gets delivered.


So dear friends we see Law of Attraction is a Universal Law applicable to all human beings all across the globe at all times. We all can easily fulfil our desires if we know how to do it. Visualisation and Repetition are two popular methods. Our ancient Yogis knew the process minutely. If we understand the Sanskara Chakram then we understand the science of manifestation deeply. It then can give you unbelievable results. Now it is all up to you. You can create up to any scale you desire.

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